OCTOBER 10, 2018

I am delighted to have been selected for the 2018 Art2Life Academy Exhibition . It is the first juried show I’ve been in since having the boys and getting back into my art. At first I thought I would wait till they started school before entering competitions and juried shows but since this one was online only I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.

The judges were Nicholas Wilton, Academy Founder and Donna Seager, of Seager Grey Gallery, California. Donna Seager seems particularly taken with the formal elements of all the selected works writing,

“Looking over the final exhibition, I find that nearly all of the paintings have a wonderful sense of pattern and space… it seems to me that the paintings are consistently open – that the elements of the work, whether they are shapes or pictorial elements are given breathing room.”

The painting I submitted was “Fair Light”. This is particularly satisfying for me since breathing room was something I focused on in this work, with the light and dark green space balancing out the hot intensity of the main flower.

I joined the Art2Life Academy in 2017 to help give my return to art making some structure and it has done that and so much more. I’ve learn’t new skills, pushed my art futher and made some incredible connections and friends with artists all over the world. I am honoured to represent the Academy in this online show.

Fair Light, Oil on Panel, 59.5 x 40 cm

Fair Light, Oil on Panel, 59.5 x 40 cm

Katherine Allsopp