katherine allsopp art

In amongst the madness we have our good days, like aching blossoms fighting through the foliage.



I paint expressive, semi-abstracted oil paintings of plants and flowers. My lively paintings are inspired by the neighbourhood gardens I see on my walks with my children and serve as a metaphor for the confined beauty and chaos of domestic life. 

I work from a combination of memory and photographs in the studio to create images that explore both feeling and observation.  My paintings are abstracted images, pushing and pulling, drawn with paint, a mix of form and line. Working from photography allows me to capture a close up candid moment that drawing from life cannot. I want the viewer to see my intense, confined compositions and feel the strength and beauty of the colour and mark.

Wild yet contained, the paintings speak of the bittersweet chaos behind closed doors. A celebration of paint and painting and this small life. A pause in the present moment to admire the garden, to feel present, to feel grateful.